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Article : The Practice of System and Network Administration(Thomas A.Limoncelli,Christina J.Hogan,Strata R.Chalup)

1. Search for on-demand storage pricing. How do the features of the lowest-priced storage compare to those of the highest-priced option? Which price points do you find for various features?

2. RAID 1 and higher use multiple drives to increase reliability. Eight drives are eight times more likely to have a single failure in a given time period. If a RAID 5 set had eight drives, do these two factors cancel each other out? Why or why not?

36. Which of the performance rules in the sidebar "General Rules for Performance" are addressed by the use of HBAs with storage? Explain.

4. Which RAID characteristics would you want for an array supporting real-time data collection from environmental sensors or factory monitoring, and why?

Do these exercises for Chapters 43

- Submit your responses to these exercises. For credit:

- Repeat each question above each response

- Answer in your own words, and reference sources


Reference no: EM131398562

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