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Center - a representative or average value that indicates where the data set is located Variation - a measure of the amount that the data values vary among themselves Distribution - the nature or shape of the distribution of the data (such as bell-shaped, uniform, or skewed) Outliers - sample values that lie very far away from the vast majority of the other sample values Time - changing characteristics of the data over time


Reference no: EM13987345

Develop the first reason from your thesis

Develop the first reason from your thesis. Then incorporate quotes and/or paraphrases from one or both of the essays. You may use quotes and/or paraphrases to illustrate poi

Why is analysis so important for your selected reading

Who do you think your audience will be in your critical analysis essay? Describe this audience, and explain how they would benefit from any insights produced from your analy

Comparing king lear and hidetora from the movie ran.

comparing King Lear and Hidetora from the movie ran.  My two characters are Hidetora and King Lear, you have to describe them as a tragic hero

Three-paragraph summary of your favorite book

A final draft should be complete, well-developed, refined, and error-free. It is important to revise your work for academic voice, style, and structure before submitting it.

Discuss ways that given play represents theatrical movement

Discuss three or more ways that this play represents the theatrical movement towards "Realism." If Romeo's "tragic flaw" was that he was impulsive, what was Willie Loman's tra

Prefer to communicate with our family

For instance, most of us prefer to communicate with our family and friends through technology by chatting, text messaging or video calls rather than to meet up with them.

What steps the company can take to improve upon its image

Imagine that you have been hired by a company to improve its image. Complete the following:Put together an action plan that will help improve its corporate social responsibi

What technology should you recommend for purchase

You work as an emergency manager for a small town that just created the position. As the local emergency management agency did not previously exist you are in charge of a ne


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