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Center - a representative or average value that indicates where the data set is located Variation - a measure of the amount that the data values vary among themselves Distribution - the nature or shape of the distribution of the data (such as bell-shaped, uniform, or skewed) Outliers - sample values that lie very far away from the vast majority of the other sample values Time - changing characteristics of the data over time


Reference no: EM13987345

Difference between persuasive and informative speeches

Show what is the difference between persuasive and informative speeches? Can an informative speech be persuasive? Will a persuasive speech be informative? Why or why not?

How the three different facilities handle surges

"Surge" capacity is the ability to take on an extra number of customers or product requests. Tell how the three different facilities handle surges. For example: a football s

Describe a typical day in your life

People and events shape our lives. A certain person or a particular experience might have influenced us positively or negatively. Write about a person or experience which ha

Knowledge or appreciation of poetry

Briefly explicate each poem and discuss how they are similar yet different. How do they collectively accomplish their task (explaining what poetry is). Do they succeed in en

You take a position on a particular social issue

Position Paper. For this assignment you will be writing a 5-6 page paper whereby you take a position on a particular social issue, controversy, or debate. In this paper, y

List at least three slang ways the word is used

List at least three "slang" ways the word is used (cite your sources), including how you used it. Does this language sensitive/inclusive, or not (page 48) and explain why it i

How the crack epidemic is ravaging the black community

2.The ____________________is a structure that visually symbolizes how the crack epidemic is ravaging the black community in Harlem in the film, "Jungle Fever." It is an exampl

Explain why to avoid the second person

Explain whether you will use the First Person Point of View ("I") or Third Person Point of View ("he/she/they") for this essay and WHY. Explain why to avoid the Second Perso


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