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Review the scenario presented below.

Choose two different ADRs to apply to the situation to reach a resolution.

Write a 3- to 6-page paper.

Identify your chosen techniques.

Describe how you would apply each technique.

Provide rationale for why and how you feel your chosen techniques are the best for the situation.

Format any references cited consistent with APA guidelines.

The scenario:

Xander, Inc. orders a printer network system from CompuTrs & Co.  The system works for the first 90 days without any issues.  During the next 30 days, the system begins to malfunction.  Xander, Inc. contacts CompuTrs & Co and, after several visits from the technician, finally requests removal of the equipment and a refund.  CompuTrs & Co refuse to do either, citing a 90-day warranty period.


Reference no: EM131030505

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