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Company: Chipotle

• Identify ethical issues involved in marketing to the customer.

• Discuss how your company can use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to service its customers.

• Discuss how value affects the purchasing decision related to the product/service you are presenting in this project.

• Explain how marketing affects the buying decision for customers, organizations, governments, and businesses.

• Discuss the total customer experience and how it impacts customer satisfaction.

• Explain the concept of "perception = reality", and what it means to look at things from the customer's perspective.

• Reflection: You may have known something about this company when the project started; so after this investigation identify three things you didn't know about (maybe it is a product, market, legal or environmental issue it is dealing with, ethical perspective, how it financed growth, technical issues it is dealing with, etc.) and reflect on how they impact the marketing plan of this company.

All questions are to be related to the chosen company.

Write to purpose, there is no page length or word count required.Please make sure to cite AND reference the information following APA format including websites. This means citing the author, date of publication, and page number (or paragraph numbers for web articles without page numbers) and including APA formatted references on its own page.

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Reference no: EM13896138

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