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One end of a rigid rod of length 3 feet is attached to a wheel of radius 1 foot, centered at the origin. The wheel is free to rotate about the origin. As the wheel rotates, the right end of the rod (the point labeled X in the figure) slides along the x-axis. Image link:

(a) Find an equation relating X and θ.

(b) Suppose that when θ = π/3, the right end of the rod is moving to the right at a rate of0.5 ft/sec. How fast (in radians per second) is θ changing when θ = π/3?

Reference no: EM131143447

Converting decimal to binary

Convert these integers from decimal notation to binary notation. Please show each step if possible. I am having a terrible time trying to understand this.

Moving headquarters overseas

A major MNE has incredible knowledge resources but they are often underutilized. The reason: often the knowledge that is needed within one part of the organization exists wi

What combination of inputs will maximize production

A company has a production function with three inputs x, y and z given by f(x, y, z)= 50x^2/5y^1/5z^1/5. The total budget is $24000 and the company can buy x, y and z at$80,

Linear algebra-hermitian similar matrices

Suppose A & B are Hermitian matrices and AB=BA, show that A and B are simultaneously diagonalizable, ie, there exists an unitary matrix C so that both C*AC adn C*BC are diag

Develop a simulation model

Develop a simulation model to find the following measures of performance of this booking system: the expected number of rooms used per night and the percentage of nights whe

Find the line of best fit - regression line

To analyze the winning times for the Olympic Mens 400 Meter Dash using a linear model - Find the line of best fit (regression line) and graph it on the scatterplot. State the

Create the price function for stock

Create the price function for Stock D. It should have the second lowest starting price and the second highest rate of growth. Using complete sentences, justify that your fun

Question regarding continued fractions

In each case make a conjecture about a possible generalisation, and explore it (i.e. attempt to prove your conjectures true or false).


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