Explain in some detail how a router works

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1. Explain in some detail how a router works, and how it affects security

2. Define what a protocol is and identify the specific responsibilities of the communication protocol. What is the purpose of communication protocols?

3. List five advantages and three disadvantages of computer networks. Briefly discuss each. All answer 150 words.

Reference no: EM131069672

Compare the bus topology and the star topology

Describe the five IP addressing classes. Provide an example for each of classes in binary and dotted-decimal representation. Show the conversion of each of the addresses. De

What type of local area network might you suggest

You work for a small advertising company with approximately 200 employees. Scattered around the company are a number of separate computer workstations that perform word proc

Discuss some of the problems nats create for ipsec security

Discuss some of the problems NATs create for IPsec security. (See [Phifer 2000]). Can we solve these problems by using IPv6? Why deployment of IPv6 has been slow to date. Wh

How many bits can be represented with each signal change

A carrier wave is modulated with 4 amplitudes and 4 phase changes; how many bits can be represented with each signal change? The ______ layer contains the logic needed to supp

Voip beneficial to an organization

Conduct Internet search to locate case study which illustrates how VoIP was beneficial to the organization. Why did organization need a VoIP solution?

About connecting and disconnecting

Connecting and Disconnecting Online.You connect online multiple times a day from emails, social media, and instant messages (IM) to virtual business meetings and conference

Write a three-page summary a successful penetration test

Using MS Word, write a three-page summary describing a successful penetration test. What penetration tools and techniques do you feel would be needed in a successful penetra

Develop a plan for data conversion and system changeover

Develop a plan for data conversion and system changeover that specifies which data items must be entered, the order in which the data should be entered, and which data items


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