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Please give a brief summary providing evidence for strengths or weaknesses of the proposed architectures with respect to the following:

(1) Ease of changes in the processing algorithms: For example, line shifting can be performed on each line as it is read from the input device, on all the lines after they have been read, or on demand when the alphabetization requires a new set of shifted lines.

(2) Ease of changes in the data representation: For example, lines, words and characters can be stored in various ways. Similarly, circular shifts can be stored explicitly or implicitly.

(3) Performance: Both space and time.

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Software changes making software easier to change, then, provides value. The prevalence of existing code necessitates ease of change; unfortunately, existing code also complicates attempts to sustain ease of change over the life of a software system. As software engineers modify existing code, they have difficulty reasoning about the effect their modifications have on the overall ease of change of the system. Systems with poor ease of change from the outset – or indeed at any point in time – are difficult to make easier to change.

Reference no: EM13845162

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