Draw a labelled diagram of a motor neurone

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(a) Describe what is meant by the following terms-

(i) Community

(ii) Ecosystem

(iii) Habitat

(iv) Population

(b) Industrialisation and population growth have had a negative impact on the natural environment resulting in pollution. Elaborate on the different types of pollution and discuss some of the measures that can be taken to mitigate their effects

(c) Describe the Nitrogen Cycle with emphasis on the role of microorganisms


"It is believed that eukaryotic cells have evolved from prokaryotic cells." Discuss this statement with reference to the differences between these two types of cells


(a) Using a labelled diagram show the different parts of the human respiratory system and describe the mechanism of breathing

(b) The human respiratory system is susceptible to a number of diseases. List and describe the causes and symptoms of five such diseases


(a) Draw a labelled diagram of a motor neurone

(b) Describe the sequence of events which takes place during transmission of an action potential and describe how information is transmitted across a cholinergic synapse

(c) Briefly describe one example of a reflex arc


Reference no: EM133058

Discuss the possible future of information technology

Plan reimbursement compliance strategies. Instructions From electronic health records (EHR) to telemedicine, the use of information technology is rapidly expanding. Discuss

Describing a human service position in detail

1.What do you believe a typical day might look like in this position? 2.What funding supports most agencies serving this population? What resources are available to clients, a

Which structure do you think would be most effective

Which structure do you think would be most effective? Should the departments be combined? Should each department have a manager that reports to the same director? Is there a

Third order autoregressive model

1. For a certain product it was found that annual sales volume could be well described by a third order autoregressive model. The estimated model obtained was:  xt = 202 + 1

What is the distance in traveled by the center of the wheel

A wheel of radius 0.5 m rolls without sliding on a horizonta1 surface as shown. Starting from rest, the wheel moves with constant angu1ar acceleration 6 rad/s^2. What is the

What do you think about these arguments and further

What do you think about these arguments and further - Do you think that this kind of globalization of moving industries/services from developed countries to developing count

Plants and animals face to adapt to life on land

What did organisms have to overcome to transition from an aquatic lifestyle to a terrestrial lifestyle? What challenges did plants and animals face to adapt to life on land?

Major hydrologic components of a watershed

Using the methods in Box C-2, compute the mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, and skewness of the three time series of Table 2-2. Which time series is the mo


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