Difference between standard and extended access lists

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Can you please put the answer with the question and please use the worksheet.

This assignment is a review of router commands. Please read the following situation and respond to it in your own words. Be sure to cite your sources to support your position. Please use proper APA formatting. A website link is NOT a properly cited source.

You have been asked to explain what happens when a router has issues to a group of new administrators. In your own words, what is the process for resetting a router, including using the configuration register controls. Explain the issue of forgetting a password, and resetting it on the router. Don't forget to make sure they understand the issues of proximity to the hardware. (What if it is in another building or city?). Approach this assignment as if your submission will be added to the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) manual (Sharepoint) at "the office". Remember, this document will be read by new administrators. Present your work whilst keeping your intended audience in mind.

Put your explanations in a single Word document (1-2 pages) and attach it to this assignment by the end of the academic week. Do not forget to add your cited source.

1. The following access list was applied outbound on the E0 interface connected to the LAN:??Access-list 123 deny tcp eq 20 any??Access-list 123 deny tcp eq 21 any??What effect will this access list have? Our safeguard of this type of limitation can make the system unusable. Why is that?

2. What is the difference between standard and extended access lists? Is this difference rational in your mind? Does there need to be a separation of the two types?Couldn't they be more specialized without just separating them by number?

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Here two solution files are required. First one discussed about the router password and user name settings and also discussed the solution to reset the routers password and username. This report cited as APA reference format. The second file answered two questions which are explained about the extended acl and standard acl.

Reference no: EM131021617

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