Determine the rate of change of density in the tire

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1.Air at 37 psi and 60oF is being forced into a tire at a velocity of 180 ft/s through a ¼ in. diameter opening. The tire has a volume of 17 ft3. Determine the rate of change of density in the tire. (3.01 *10-5 slugs/ft3 s)

2.A centrifugal water pump has an impeller with r1 = 4”, r2 = 12”, ?1 = 160°, ?2 = 170°. The impeller is 2” wide at the inlet end and ¾” at the outlet. For a speed of 1800 rpm, neglecting losses and vane thickness, determine the discharge (in ft3/sec) for shock-less entry (?1 = 90°), the Torque and the angle, ?2 at the exit for the first problem in degrees.

3.An air compressor is used to pressurize a cylindrical tank which contains air at atmospheric pressure. The tank’s diameter is 3 ft and it is 5 ft long. The supply line is 1 inch in diameter. The air compressor’s output pressure is a constant 80 psi at 90oF with a 10 ft/s velocity. The tank’s temperature stays at a constant 70oF. Determine the time required for the tank pressure to reach 50 psi. (995 s or 16.58 min)

Reference no: EM13550406

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