Determine the purpose of a visual data display

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Discussion: Data Visualization

Consider your proposed performance indicators and the associated units of measurement that relate to the exploration of your problem statement. Then propose a minimum of two methods of visually presenting your data (for example, pie chart, graph, spreadsheet, and process map). Make sure that each visual data display has a title that contains a topic, organization, and year. Add labels that clearly state the performance indicator under examination, as well as the units of measurement.

To insert your data displays into the Message text box, use Microsoft's Snipping Tool. A link to instructions from Microsoft for using the Snipping Tool is provided in the Resources.

Note: After taking your screenshot, import your image into the Message box. Go to the Message box toolbar and click Insert/Edit Image and then click Submit on the HTML toolbar. Please do not attach files. Points will be deducted for attached files. See the Format Your Text courseroom tutorial for guidance. If you have difficulty with this task, please contact Technical Support.

Reflection on Readings

Describe two new concepts or ideas from this unit's readings that were intriguing or professionally meaningful to you, and explain why you chose them.

Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of your colleagues according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines. Provide a new insight, suggestion, or resource that can enhance your colleague's work.

When replying to your colleague, please change the subject line format to "Reply to [colleague's name]."

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

• Determine the purpose of a visual data display.

• Identify appropriate structures (pie chart, graph, or spreadsheet) for the visual display of specific data.

Reference no: EM132279701

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