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Mathematics is the basis of much of modern scientific thought and practice. It provides the key for understanding the nature of science and technology. Mathematics is an integral part of modern civilisation, and many contemporary issues, such as global warming or financial regulation, are complex and can be meaningfully analysed from a quantitative perspective using mathematical models.

The development of mathematics to its modern form spans three millennia or more, with contributions from historically diverse cultures and societies. Some of the most important and enduring ideas of mathematics lie in algebra, geometry and calculus.

Write an essay, of 1000 words, describing the application of mathematical modelling to an appropriate topic of your choice.

Your essay should:

Some background as to the nature of the issue or problem that is being addressed

Some detail about the nature of the mathematical model being used

A discussion of the interpretation of the results and conclusions which can be drawn from the mathematical modelling

An assessment of the social, environmental and/or ethical implications of the results and conclusions.

Contain at least four references to published books, journal articles or internet-based materials; however, no more than two of your references should be electronic (i.e. internet-based). This outline of the requirements for the essay also serves as a guide to the correct referencing of material.

Topics that you might consider researching are Maths in Finance, Calculus Applications in Finance, Reducible Interest Mortgage Payments, and Present and Future Value (Time Value of Money). [One topic only]

Marks will be assigned for each of the points described (the issue or problem, the mathematical model, the results or conclusions, assessment of impacts and references) as well as overall presentation, including style and grammar.

Resources for your essay include:
Books and journal articles in Australia.

Internet based resources such the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive, a website hosted at the University of St Andrews.

Reference no: EM131227979

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