Advantage of assembly and high-level programming languages?

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1. Machine code is the only form of program instructions that the computer hardware can understand and execute directly. All other forms of computer language must be translated into machine code in order to be executed by the hardware. Machine code consists of many strings of binary digits that are easy for the computer to interpret, but tedious for human beings to understand. Machine code is different for each type of computer. A program in machine code for an Intel x86-based PC will not run on an IBM mainframe computer, and vice versa.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantage of assembly and high-level programming languages? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages in terms of the practical applications of these languages.

2. Many people have difficulties or frustrations with the programming languages they use every day. Some want things to be handled more abstractly, while others dislike having to implement features they wish were standard. Whether you are an IT professional or just a hobbyist, many times you may find yourself wanting to create a new programming language.

2. If you want to develop your own programming language, what would you do and what would you need? Give a draft of the main items that you need to determine or design before starting to build your own language. Discuss what some real world applications might be for your programming language. Give it a name.

Reference no: EM13863218

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