Identify hazards and workplace practices that have accidents

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Occupational Health and Safety Strategic Audit

For a workplace of your choice ((health care ), conduct a strategic audit of the occupational Health and Safety practices, policies, and procedures. You do not have to name the organization (health care), but should indicate the industry it is within (executive summary).

1. Identify hazards and workplace practices that have the potential to cause accidents and injuries. Evaluate the relationship between the workplace environment (physical space and management styles) Table or Chart 1, the people (what departments are involved and hazards, Table 2), and the procedures being used or not being used (may be just a written description).

2. Assess the risks and make a priority list of actions to be taken (top 5 hazards). (Who, what, where, when). This can be illustrated in a table or chart. Title your table or chart, Occupational Health and Safety Strategic Plan.

Write a one page (single spaced) summary to accompany your Occupational Health and Safety strategic audit indicating your industry, problem areas, and recommendations and any other areas pertinent to the discussion.

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Reference no: EM13863217


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