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Question 1:

(a) Describe the two main criteria that have contributed to intercultural communication within the work environment.

(b) Clearly show  three challenges and three opportunities that anyone may encounter within the global marketplace.

(c) Show ways to communicate effectively interculturally.

(d) Show what five non-verbal differences may be present within the intercultural communication environment.

Question 2:

(a) Organizations that tend to be effective also tend to have a lot of group work. Hence taking this idea into account define the following terms and explain the level of formality and informality of the communication process:

i. Formal group
ii. Informal group
iii. Teams

(b) With the use of an appropriate example within an organization, identify and clearly explain the stages of team developments, and the role communication plays during those stages.

(c) Using the context of a given organization Identify the following :

i. three characteristics of effective teams
ii. three advantages of team decision making
iii. three disadvantages of team decision making

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