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a pseudo-code to add username and password combination up to a limit of 10

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Computes the integral square root: Problem: Square Root:   For this problem you will write a short assembly program that computes the integral square root of an input numb

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Data copy/transfer Instructions MOV: This data transfer instruction transfers data from one register or memory location to another register or memory location. The source can

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Basic Microprocessor Architecture and Interface : Introduction: Intel launches its first 4-bit microprocessor 4004 in the year 1971 and 8-bit microprocessor 8008 in the y

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Display control 8279  provides  a  16  byte  display  memory  and  refresh  logic.  Every address in the display memory corresponds to a display unit with address zero represen

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AAD: ASCII Adjust for Division though the names of these 2 instructions (AAM and AAD) seem to be same, there is many difference between their functions. The AAD instruction conver

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ASSUME: Assume Logical Segment Name:- The ASSUME directive which is used to inform the assembler, the specified names of the logical segments to be consider for different segme

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1. Write an assembly program that adds the elements in the odd indices of the following array. Use LOOP. What is the final value in the register? array1 DWORD 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 6

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Write a program to do the following: 1. Print your name 2. Using a bottom testing loop, prompt the user to enter a number from 1 to 5.  If the number entered is not 1..5, pri

AAD, AAD stand for what??

AAD stand for what??

Estimation of a definite integral, Can any one assist me with this program....

Can any one assist me with this program. I am not efficient with assembly language and I need assistance badly. I am not asking anyone to do my work I just need help step by step

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