Explain the penicillium - fungi, Biology

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Explain the Penicillium - Fungi?


Kingdom - Mycetae

Division - Amastigomycota

Class - Ascomycetes

Subclass - Plectomycetidae

Order - Eurotiales

Family - Eurotiaceae

Genus - Talromyces (Penicillium)

Form Class - Deuteromycetes

Form Order - Moniliales

Form Family Moniliacea

Genus - Penicillium

Penicillim is cosmopolitan in distribution. It is called green or blue mould (look of growth or media above) though exists in different colours. Penicillium is used in industries for production of organic acids like oxalic, fumaric and citric acid. It is also a source of antibiotics like Penicillin and Griseofulvin which are produced by P. chrysogenum and P.griseofulvin. In cheese industries Penicillium (example: P. camemberti and P.roqueforti) is employed to impart distinctive flavour and odour to the product. On the other hand, Penicillium damage leather goods, fabrics and wood furniture. It also spoils bread, cheese, butter, jam, jelly and other food stuffs. Some are plant pathogens, e.g., soft rot disease of citrus fruit is caused by P.italicum and P.digitatum. Mycotoxins and ochratoxins are produced on cereal grains by P. viridicatum.


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