You are a new advertising assistant in a large advertising

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Please respond to these items in a 1 ½ page–2 page paper in APA format and submit it to the Dropbox.

You are a new advertising assistant in a large advertising agency and a big client wants a small ad designed that will be cost effective in a publication you think appropriate. Create an advertisement for this sports-oriented resort (your choice). You are going to advertise in Global Travel Magazine in a small ad that is black and white (1/6th of a page and can only accommodate a total of 50 words including the headline.) What will you say and how will you say it so it grabs the readers’ attention and the message "sticks"?


  1.     Show and explain your original ad; why you chose it and how the message sticks and why.
  2.     Then explain what other publications you might recommend for this ad placement as well, after market testing it and why.
  3.     What audience will this appeal to? Will your other publications recommendations appeal to the same audience demographic?

Reference no: EM13392193


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