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You've just started a new semester and you've become friends with one of your classmates, Tomislav. Tomislav tells you he has just moved to the United States from Europe and he's having a difficult time adjusting to the English units of measurement. In his country, most liquids are measured in liters, not gallons.

Tomislav tells you that he's been having an especially hard time buying gasoline, since he doesn't have much of an idea how much a gallon is. He also mentions he's having a tough time understanding how much is in a pint.

Since you got an 'A' in your last Visual Basic .NET course, you volunteer to write Tomislav an application to convert liters into pints and gallons.


Create an appropriate user interface.

Include a Reset button, which will clear the interface controls.

Be sure to center the form on the screen.

Create a button that the user will click to complete the conversion.

Provide an appropriate title for your application window.

Create necessary labels for all fields.

Display the pint and gallon conversions in TextBox controls that cannot be edited.

Include comments in your application

Write code to complete the conversion.

Use the Internet or other resources to find out the conversion rates between liters and pints, as well as liters and gallons.

Deliverable Details

Using the drop box submit your application.

Submit only ONE file. The file should be a zip of ALL the files in the project folders.


Use the VS2003 online help to find answers.
Here is a tutorial (from Microsoft) that will help you get started programming in VB.NET fast:
Setting Up the Visual Basic .NET Project
For the IP
Note the conversion is from wet liters to wet pints and from wet liters to wet gallons.
Textbox1: liters, for input
Textbox2: pints, read only for output
Textbox3: gallons, read only for output
Labels for the above textboxes
Compute button: btnCompute
Reset button: btnReset
Code the following methods: btnCompute_Click() and btnReset_Click()
Remember to use SaveAll button to save all files for your project
Remember to build your exe file for your application, p58
Make sure that you submit all the files needed for the application (zipped)

Reference no: EM1334673

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