Women immigrants generally came to the united states as

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1. The superintendent at Andrew Carnegie's first steel mill liked to hire “buckwheats,” by which he meant

A) new immigrants from Carnegie's home country of Scotland.

B) young American boys from rural areas.

C) rural Hungarians and Slavs who had recently arrived in the United States.

D) veterans of the armed forces.

2. The “new” immigration resulted from

A) religious persecution.

B) economic depression overseas.

C) Neither A nor B

D) Both A and B

3. Women immigrants generally came to the United States as

A) “birds of passage.”

B) skilled laborers.

C) wives, mothers, or daughters.

D) young, single wage laborers.

4. In the late nineteenth century, the direction of corporate goals and policies began to depend heavily on

A) stockholders.

B) salaried managers and executives.

C) workers' demands.

D) market forces.

5. The “Chicago school” consisted of

A) mob bosses and thugs.

B) a skilled group of architects who made commercial architecture an art form.

C) an assembly of scholars who sought to address the city's urban decay.

D) a group of painters who embraced, but departed slightly from, the fin de siécle Impressionists in Europe.

Reference no: EM13160780

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