Which of the techniques discussed in class would appropriate

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You are the engineer in charge of a project sitting on the bottom of a hill close to the city Auckland, New Zealand, with a very humid and unpredictable weather. You want to make sure that the hill slope -the earth of which has also been excavated by your teams and the organic soil and vegetation removed- will remain stable for the safety of your workers. A geotechnical inspection let you know that the angle of repose of the hill is slightly lower than that of the natural undisturbed soils in dry conditions. Please discuss if you are going or not to stabilize the slope -why?

Given that that there is no budget to built any type of artificial protection enclosure or retention wall but you still have some allowance for using earthmoving equipment, which of the techniques discussed in class would appropriate in case slope protection was to be built. Clearly name and draw this technique.

Reference no: EM13326205


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