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When accessing the remote Linux machine, a) what was the name of the remote machine? b) How did you transfer a file from your local machine to the remote machine (in step 1 above)? c) What is the output if you type "ls" on your remote terminal? 2. Read the manual on the editor you have chosen. a) State which editor you chose to use. Explain how you b) add a new line of code, c) search for a string, and d) save the file and exit. 3. Read (or perhaps skim) the man page on gcc. You may use other C compilers on Linux if you prefer (e.g., g++). a) State which compiler you used. b) Explain how you link in a library. (Note that linking in a library is not the same as just including an "include" file in your code.) 4. Read the tutorial on Make files above. a) What is the purpose of makefiles? b) Give a simple example makefile which you could use to compile your program by typing ">make".

Reference no: EM13232769

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When accessing the remote linux machine : When accessing the remote Linux machine
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