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1) List and explain the basic elements of GDN. Include the 4 types of ads. What type of companies might be most interested in the GDN offerings?

2) Describe in detail how some of the businesses featured during or course discussions are leveraging Adworwds to successfully acquire new customers? Give at least 2 examples. What type of businesses are they? Why is Goodle Adwords an appropriate advertising tool for them?

3) What type of enhanced campaign decisions can make marketers undertake in Adwords and how can those be beneficial to both customers and advertisers?

4) PPC is the basic premise and attraction of digital advertising. What does it stand for? What is the importance of PPC in making Google Adwords attractive to potential clients?

5) Explain the most recent developments in Adwords relating to cpm?

6) Adword tools. Name and describe the function of at least 3 different tools available to advertisers when running an Adwords campaign?

7) What does CTR stand for and why is it so important in the bedding process?

8) Name at least five different ways in which smart phones are used today. Explain why each of these functions is significant to advertisers and their efforts. You may refer to the Mobile section of the Digital Marketing Course in GOMC.

9) How are paid results determined by Google? Name and explain top two components. How is ad rank determined? What are the 2 components of QS?


10) Name and explain the three different level of data available under the Campaign Tab.

Reference no: EM13902547


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