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We learn in this module about the impacts that organizational culture and organizational structure have on outcomes that are important at the organizational, team, and individual levels, and internationally. Discuss the importance of organizational culture, what it impacts in the workplace, and how it shapes an organization ethically and globally.

Then, consider an organization with which you are, or have been, affiliated (whether professional, military, religious, civic, hobbyist, etc.). How do the concepts of culture and structure manifest themselves in the organization locally, nationally, and globally? How could they be improved?

We learn this week that change is difficult and, more often than not, inevitable. It is during change when managers need effective forecasting skills, both nationally and globally. Describe forecasting and managing future trends, development, and change with a focus on emerging markets in Third World countries. Explain why monitoring change in this specific global market is important to managers.

Describe the largest organizational change you have experienced. What was the impetus for that change? Did change management do a good job of removing or alleviating those obstacles? What impacts did the change have at the global level, organizational level, team level, and individual level?

Reference no: EM13902546


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