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I. Identify the problem.

a. What is the environment?

b. What is the situation?

c. What are the options?

II. Identify the people and groups affected by choosing one of the above options.

a. Individuals:  self, boss, client, subordinate, etc.

b. Groups:  company, public, family, profession, etc.

III. Build a decision framework - What is going to be the basis for my decision?

a. Consequentialism - looking for good results or least harm

   i. What will be the result of the decision for me personally?

   ii. How are the above people and groups affected?

   iii. Are they affected negatively or positively?

b. Deontology - duty and obligation

   i. How deep is my obligation to each of the people and groups?

  ii. How do I prioritize conflicting duties?

c. Virtue ethics - Who am I?

   i. What fundamental principles are in play?

  ii. What norms or traditions I practice are being challenged?

  iii. What personal values that I hold are being affected or threatened?

1. Am I being asked to do something that I don't believe in?

2. Am I being asked to ignore something that I feel must be addressed?

IV. Make a decision

a. Base your decision on values that are supported by principles

b. Make a commitment to the decision

V.  Take action

a. Do what you feel is right for the right reasons - Never mistake temptation for opportunity

b. Let the chips fall where they may - A person who ignores wrong becomes either an accomplice or the next victim

VI. Learn

a. Accept responsibility for your decision and your actions

b. Understand the difference between providing explanations and making excuses

c. Listen to feedback so you can learn from everyone's mistakes

d. Incorporate changes where possible to avoid similar situations in the future

Reference no: EM13228051

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