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Interview Two Managers you know list choice) or someone who has managed a team protect or a group of people or a committee. The last choice is someone who has worked with many Managers or has taught Management or leadership thanes. It Is perfectly ok to ask family members or employers. Ask them the following questions and record their answers.

1) Record their title, their company, their years as a Manager or Leader and the number of people they supervised or currently supervise.

2) In their view, what do great Managers do that separates them from the average Manager? Give me a bullet list of the top three things in their opinion?

3) In their view what is the most important goal of a Manager?

4) In their view, what does a Manager have to do to start looking like a Leader?

5) Ask them if they are a better Manager or Leader?

6) For them to be a better Leader, what would they like to develop?

7) For them to be a better Manager, what skill would they like to develop? Ask them which of these is the toughest Hurdle for most Managers to clear?

9) Then you the student-tell me how this interview has impacted you?

10) Then tell me one thing you learned from this assignment that will help you the most in your future career?

Reference no: EM13875782

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