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Q: What do you meant by demand analysis in HR planning? Present and show the factors that need to be considered when forecasting demand analysis. -

A) Report Structure:

First Part
1. Cover page: It includes:
a. College name and logo
b. Program name
c. Course name
d. Course Code
e. Project / case study title
f. Academic Year - Semester
g. Group Names and IDs with students' signature

2. Acknowledgements - It is the norm to thank those individuals who have provided assistance during your project.

3. Table of contents: This shows the major and minor sections and outlines the structure. It should also contain a list of diagrams, charts, tables and so on.

4. Executive summary: it very briefly summarizes the contents of the whole report. It is important as it helps the reader to decide whether it is worth reading the whole report.

Main Part

1. Introduction: This tells the reader what your report contains. Here you should give the reader an idea of the problems you found, your method of research, the objectives of your study, and source and methods of collecting data.

2. Body of the Report: This is the largest part of your report and it should be logically ordered, easy to read and easy to understand. One way of presenting it well is to number the sections (or main headings), sub-headings and points. For example:

1. Sub-heading
1.1 First point.
1.2 Second point relating to the same sub-heading.

Your sub-headings should be clear and lead your reader logically through the information you are presenting and the conclusions you have drawn from it.

3. Conclusion and Recommendations: here you summarize your report very briefly, noting the main points of the data. The conclusion of the report should answer what you said you wanted to accomplish in your problem statement. Write any possible recommendations associated with your findings in the report.

Final part

1. Appendices: this is where you put any supplementary material that would interrupt the flow of the body of the report it could include summary tables, charts, data, etc.
2. References: you can use books, journals, newspapers, websites and interviews (minimum three references).

B) General Organization Requirements

• The report must be typed, 1.5 spaced, on one side of the paper only.
• Pages are to be consecutively numbered.
• You must attach completed (and signed) report cover page.

Project Submission

You have to submit both a hard and a soft copy on ECT Moodle.

Project Assessment

This project accounts for 20% of the final grade for this course, including 5% for presentation.

Project Presentation

The presentation is a compulsory component of the project and will be assessed on individual basis. The duration of the presentation is 10 minutes for each group. 

Reference no: EM135289


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