What conclusion would you reach the sales results are as

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A researcher is asked to determine whether or not a productivity objective (in dollars) of better than $75,000 per employee is possible. A productivity test is done involving 20 employees. What conclusion would you reach? The sales results are as follows:

a. 28,000 105,000 58,000 93,000 96,000

b. 67,000 82,500 75,000 81,000 59,000

c. 101,000 60,500 77,000 72,500 48,000

d. 99,000 78,000 71,000 80,500 78,000

8. Assume you have the following data:

H1:200,S30,n64, and__X

218. Conduct a two-tailed hypothesis test at the 0.05 significance level.

9. If the data in question 8 had been generated with a sample of 25 (n25), what statistical test would be appropriate?

10. The answers to a researcher’s question will be nominally scaled.

What statistical test is appropriate for comparing the sample data with hypothesized population data?

Reference no: EM13274314


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