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Google®, one of the leading global technology companies, has strategic planning at the heart of its success. Even though they are regarded as one of the most successful tech companies out there, they still need to keep an eye on staying ahead of competitors and addressing threats that could erode the market share of their many lines of business. For this discussion, you are going to act in the capacity of a marketing strategist to Google and help them develop a strategy to stay ahead of their competitors. In doing this, you will respond to the following questions for this discussion:

Choose one area in which Google currently operates and that includes search, social networking, online video, e-mail, or online applications. (Of course, there are more that you can choose from) Please note that you will use this choice in addressing the following questions.

Identify the key competitors Google currently faces in the area that you have chosen.

What are the competitive challenges that Google now faces in this area and what challenges could they face in the future?

What potential opportunities exist in this area and how will these opportunities allow for Google to improve its competitive position?

Reference no: EM13728376


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