Virginia's financial success was assured by

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1. When it came to church/state relations, the Puritans in 1600s Massachusetts believed

A. in a strict separation between church and state

B. that the Puritan church should be supported with state tax monies, but otherwise the church and the state should go their separate ways

C. that while the state in Massachusetts certainly should promote a Christian lifestyle, that still Puritan ministers should be kept separate from the state and that in generate government was too sinful for the church to have a part in it

D. that the Puritan church and their state must be inextricably linked together

2. When you think about it, ALL of the original 13 American colonies did the following things or had the following things as a part of their colonial life (check all that apply--there is more than 1 correct answer):

A.the colony eventually was taken over by the British crown important occupation in the colony was farming

C.they engaged in cattle-raising

D.tobacco was cultivated

E.they raised and sold rice had some kind of elected legislature

3. The predominant religion in 17th century Virginia was





4.Virginia's financial success was assured by

A.tobacco cultivation

B.the discovery of gold

C.royal financial support

D.fur trading.

Reference no: EM13160785

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