Barbed wire-battle of manila bay and big stick diplomacy

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Indentify the significance of the following. Remember to answer the basic questions: who, where, what, when, and why/ how. In other words, why was this person, idea, or event important in American history? What was/is significant about this term?

1. barbed wire 2, battle of Manila Bay 3. "Big Stick" DIplomacy 4. Andrew Carnegie 5. Central Park 6. Crop lien 7. Federal Reserve Act 8. "goldbugs" 9.Knights of Labor 10.Nelson Miles 11.muckrakers 12.Ocala Demands 13.Philippine War 14 Plessy v. Ferguson 15.political machines 16Fure Food and Drug Act 17. "Redeemers" 18.Frederick Jackson Turner 19. United Confederate Veterans 20.Wounded Knee.

Choose 15 of them to answer and the significances are from the book Unfinished Mation Volume2 7th Edition.

Reference no: EM13160786

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