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A fast-food chain wishes to investigate the after cooking weight of their "Quarter-Pound" hamburger. The variation in the size of the hamburger patties is known to give a standard deviation of 0.015 pounds. However the machine that presses the patties may be improperly calibrated and produce patties that are systematically too large or too small. The company hires an independent laboratory to purchase 100 hamburgers at random times and independently weigh them using a procedure that is practically free of bias. The average of these weights is 0.245 pounds. Could the true average after-cooking weight of all of the "Quarter-Pound" hamburgers produced by this pressing machine still be 0.25 pounds, or is this strong evidence that the pressing machine is improperly set and the true average is not 0.25 pounds? Translate this into a statistical hypothesis-testing problem and carry out the test. Be sure to give the null and alternative hypotheses, the value of the test statistic, the p-value, and your conclusions.

Reference no: EM1385942

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