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A. One way organizations inform employees of their rights responsibilities and requirements is through the Employee Manual/Handbook. Based on the legal environment, create an outline of an employee handbook. In the outline, thoroughly address the each of the following issues:

1. Analyze and explain why companies need employee handbooks.

2. Analyze and explain what information should be included in the employee handbook.

3. What are the major policies that employees need to function effectively on a day-to-day basis and explain why.

4. Identify major areas that the employee handbook needs to focus on for managers and explain whey.

B. The role of Human Resources Management (HRM) has been rapidly evolving over the last decade from bureaucratic enforcer policies to that of a strategic business partner with line managers. Accordingly, to be successful in today's organizations, HRM must forge relationships with their line managers and win their support. Thoroughly answer the following questions:

1. Why should line managers resist letting HRM members become part of the "line team"?

2. How would you organize the company and HRM function to ensure a maximum relationship - would you Decentralize HRM and have HRM managers reporting to line managers with a dotted line to the VP of HRM or would you Centralize HRM as a staff function reporting to the VP of HRM with assigned responsibilities to the line manager? Explain your choice.

3. What are the pros and cons of each type of organizational structure?

Reference no: EM1334288


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