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From a managerial ethics perspective and considering some of the areas that were brought up in Week Two, Discussion 1, consider the following statement by Hagel (2015):

The demand for greater transparency from consumers and stakeholders across the world has pushed the areas of ethics and compliance up the corporate list of priorities in recent years. In addition, the risk to reputation and potential damage that can be done if evidence of unethical practice is discovered have increased significantly with the advent of social media.(para. 2)

In addition, consider the legislation that was brought up in Chapter 4 of the textbook.

Your organization (you can represent any organization, McDonalds, Starbucks, ESPN, etc.) has asked you to create a training presentation on ethics and compliance to be presented next week. Referencing the Hagel article, the Gonzales-Padron textbook, and at least two other journal articles, present an outline for your training as a response to this thread.

Reference no: EM131524549


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