The analytical aspects of strategy in the public sector

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(a) Examine critically the analytical aspects of strategy in the public sector and the extent to which the structure, systems and organizational culture influence the implementation phase. Illustrate your answer with examples from the education sector

(b) Consider the extent to which the Rational Commonsense model of policy-making (Clay and Schaffer, 1984) presents a dichotomous linear process, and practice of what governments ought to do. Is it in line with Thomas Dye's criteria of an illuminating model?

(c) The futures focused organizations like ministries and schools require leadership, a network of communication and flatter organizational structures to reach a global destination. Critically examine this statement with examples


Critically analyze the interrelationships between the internal and external efficiencies of the educational system within the current socio-political thinking and within the framework of a bureaucracy. Illustrate your answer with examples


Economic growth depends not only on resource input but mostly on "knowledge work and knowledge workers" (Peter Drucker). Substantiate this statement with examples from the education sector


What is the significance of the school mapping (micro-planning) exercise as a tool for educational analysis and for enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. Substantiate your answer with examples


Critically examine a conceptual framework for educational policy analysis that encapsulates the pre-decison, the decision and the implementation of the decision

Reference no: EM133753


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