Discuss the stages in the strategic decision making process

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As a member of a strategic management team, you are assigned to write a strategic marketing report on the future of the tourism and hospitality industry in Mauritius. You are expected to use the attached statistical details and consider the following points

- Background of the industry and progress over the past decade

- The present situation regarding room occupancy and tourist arrivals

- Recommendation for future strategies

Your report which should be based on the SWOT approach should not be more than 1000 words


Discuss the stages in the strategic decision making process. Support your answer with examples from the tourism and hospitality sector


What are SBU's? In your opinion, how effective are they in large conglomerates or multinational corporations?


What motivates companies to embark on major merging or taking-over endeavours?


Short-, medium-, and long-term strategies require different approaches and methods of implementation, evaluation and control. How far do you agree?

Reference no: EM133755


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