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Follow the popularization of sustainable development as an environmental administration & supervision concept by the publication of the World Commission on the Environment and Development's (WECD) ‘Our Common Future' in the late 1980s (WCED, 1987), a growing percentage of the tourism research literature has focused on the principles and preparation of sustainable tourism development.

a) Critically classify the concepts of sustainable development and sustainable tourism development.

b) Analyze the different theories which can be used to study community approaches to tourism. Use appropriate instances to illustrate your answer.


Entrepreneurship is believed as a central force of economic development, as it engenders growth and serves as a vehicle for innovation and change. Tourism is one of the profitable sectors in which a great scale of involvement is needed by the entrepreneurial sector which includes opportunities for more sustainable tourism.

Using relevant exemplars to illustrate your answer, critically analyze the relationship between entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism development.


Resources in the tourism industry are consumed by tourists in common with other tourists and as an outcome causing the ‘tourism commons' to experience problems of overuse, deficiency in of investment incentives and mismanagement generally.
The sustainable extension of the tourism industry is severely threatened.

Significantly discuss and explain the explanatory factors underlying the tragedy of the common.


The natural and cultural environment symbolizes the main resources for many traveller destinations and tourists are increasingly interested in spending their vacation in unspoilt natural areas. Resultantly, destination managers are under increased stress to implement ecologically sustainable practices.

Essentially discuss and analyze the possible avenues destination managers may explore to achieve environmentally sustainable tourism at their destinations. Illustrate your answer with relevant instances.

Reference no: EM133749


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