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Part 1: Team communication is one of the key factors in building a successful team. When the team cannot communicate properly the project can lead to disaster. There are many reasons for the team miscommunications one of them, in particular, is team members not knowing about the end result of the project. When a group of members is working towards a common goal the work is divided among the team members. On a regular basis, teams communicate with each other to know what other team members are working and how is the work progressing in case of discrepancies they get a chance to correct but without the communication, each individual will work on their own way and complete the work. The problem is once the development is done and when the end product is ready for testing. The functionality will not work as expected because of the miscommunication and each team member repeating the work or overriding the existing functionality. To overcome these miscommunications every member of the team should communicate with other team members and discuss the functionality and make sure another team member is not doing same (Barlow & Dennis, 2016).

Part 2: Group thinking is described as a group of members working towards a solution to a problem. This process is very helpful in solving team problems and identifying the solutions in a prompt manner. There are many advantages to the groupthink also, there are some problems as well. The decision-making process sometimes takes more time in approving because each team member will not be aware of the task and it requires every individual on the team to understand and provide their feedback about the solution and more team meetings takes more time and wasters the developer time in fixing the problem rather than spending more time in meetings. When the defect or problem in the team is related to single functionality and not affecting the other member's works or other sections of functionality in that case individual makes better decisions (Chen & Humphrey, 2020).


Reference no: EM132609306


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