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Emplyee Ant colony optimization for classifying KDD99 data set into its classes

The attaced files are:

1- KDDtrain ; is the origion data base have 5000 records. (train data)

2- Normalized data.csv ; is the data after preprocessing it

By using Ant colony Optimization ; the flaollowing task is required:

1- the last Column in the dataset represent the class which is either (Normal or Attack)

2- the Attack class consist of 4 classes (Dos,U2R,R2L,Prob)

3- The above 4 classes in step 2 have many types and the table bellow E7777117>1.0 will state them.

4-in the normalized data set u will find that i have mark each attack so (1=Dos , 2=U2R , 3=R2L ,4=Prob)

5- Task is classify the class label into either (Normal or Attack(Dos, U2R,R2L,Prob)by Ant colony .

Hint :Use matlab (10) for this task without using Matlab toolbox 0.±.- mathwork.com (it's unacceptable).

6- use metrics such as Detection Rate to evalute the results.

7- The code should be well commented.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM13264507

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Task in artifial intellegince technique : Task in Artifial Intellegince technique - Emplyee Ant colony optimization for classifying KDD99 data set into its classes
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