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Problem Definition

Rural areas do not have proper internet access and are unable to manage downloading anything. Certain industries ,mostly Gaming, Music, and Ebooks, like to provide their products in the form of downloadable content only so their market is somewhat limited. These industries like to provide Downloadable Content because it's easier to distribute and does not require using any hardware and these two factors make it much cheaper for the company and by extension the customer.

The problem lies in that the people live in areas that cannot access the internet and are forced to go to places to get internet but certain software cannot be downloaded outside the home or take too long to download to be done somewhere else.

Hypothesis Space

The industries that this will be marketed to will be the industries that provides the most DLC, Gaming, Music, and Ebooks. The main focus will mostly be Gaming because Music and Ebooks are small and can be downloaded quickly but Gaming has the most restrictions on downloading and have the biggest products for downloading that takes a lot time.

Problem Space

The market we are hoping this will be aimed at is people who live in rural areas that are unable to get internet no matter what. We expect them to have the means to get internet such as data plans are going to local internet spots but are unable to perform the download in their home.

Problem Breakdown

  • Industries offer download only content
  • People cannot access internet in their homes to perform downloads
  • Because of restrictions on Game downloads people cannot get assistant software for downloading

Research existing solutions in the Hypothesis/Problem Space

Problem Analysis

The problem lies in the inability to download,  and the lack of physical copies for people to buy.

Our Proposal

Outline of solution

The content will become available on a separate device through compressing and encrypting the data. Having people put the decrypting software on their devices and then after receiving the encrypted software it would do the decrypting making sure they are the only ones with access to it.

Solution Options

People can order the software to be delivered via portable hard drives in the mail that they would copy to their devices for decrypting and then mail back.

Having people download the content to their own devices in less time and then decrypting it on their main devices. If the content were available to be downloaded to Cell phones and just stay on the phone waiting to be transferred to the main device and then decrypting it on the main device it could be used with Data Plans that are available most everywhere.

Kind of Software

The Software created will be able to take the content from the industries and compress and encrypt them so that only the selected people can use. It will involve a decrypting program available saved to the main device and then the individual content will be transferred to it from different devices that downloaded the content individually.

Kind of Company

Download Management Company

The company will create a software will improve on Downloading by making improving on Encrypting and Compressing and making it available to multiple devices like Cell phones.

How the software company will initially proceed

It will start by appealing to small indie companies that could want to get their product to the most people possible and from there get the attention of bigger companies hopping to become bigger from there.

Download:- example.jpg

Reference no: EM1343517

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