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Submit a report illustrating how you will apply the following knowledge areas applicable to Project Management based on the attached Project Proposal:

Project organisation
- Time management
- Cost management
- Resource management
- Integration and quality management
- Risk management
- Human resource management and communications management
- Procurement and contract management if it is critical to your project

The maximum word length for this part is 2,500 words excluding words used in any forms or diagrams that you have used to apply the knowledge areas. If you opt to use words to explain how you have applied a knowledge area you should limit them to one page per knowledge area .

If you are believe that this is a large or complex project it is sufficient if your work illustrates how you will apply these to one major aspect of your project (e.g. Deliverable, Subdeliverable, Work Package, Phase or Milestone). This is typically dependant upon the scope, scale or size of the project.

You are also required to provide a list of references listing all the sources you have referred. These need not necessarily be only academic references.

Reference no: EM1334654

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