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This is a real case project: Client is considering building a four story dual usage flats suitable for both residential and office usage to replace an existing two story building. Therefore in the first place existing building should be demolished. Total available land is 106.91 m2. Local council allows 70% of the land to undergo construction for each level. Maximum four story building is permitted in this area and indoor parking should be provided for each flat. In other words if you cannot provide a parking you have to reduce the number of stories.

Land is extremely valuable in this area therefore to win this job you need to consider innovative approach to reduce the waste areas. In commercial sense, waste area will be staircase and space taken by elevators as client cannot charge for these areas.

Additional information:

Parking should be considered in the ground floor, clear height of the ground floor should be 2.5m
Clear height in each level apart from the ground floor should be 3.0 m
You need to provide demolition strategy as another building is attached to this building along the longer length of the land 17.80m.
Flat roof should be considered for this structure and you need to think innovatively to use the roof space for service units e.g. A/C.

It will be a consultant choice to use steel or concrete structure however you have to convince the client with supportive argument e.g. space. The design has to fully consider the implication of planning permission. As consultant you should provide overall material cost for this project. You will work on this project as a team of two or individual where Cost analysis, Economic evaluation, Drawing, Structural analysis and design, Presentation and Final report will be shared equally.

Part one

Presentation: Design Briefing, CAD Drawing, Outline Design

Group/ individual will carry out the following tasks:-

1. To conduct the client's requirement to capture and produce a design briefing to target on the client's requirements.

2. To produce drawing plans and development plan with sketches or CAD drawings. The plans have also to present the solutions to the issues identified in feasibility study.

3. Specifying Structural Column plan for each level

4. Specifying beam plan for each level

3. Specifying Structural Column plan for each level

4. Specifying beam plan for each level

5. To produce several options of outline/conceptual design to target on the client's requirements and some factors of the site situation, which have to be consistent to the general spatial arrangement suggested in the Metric Handbook and other references.

6. To choose a final version of the design and produce a set of proper CAD drawings for this design including floor plans and elevations

7. To integrate the work from each member of the team and prepare your group/ individual presentation to demonstrate your design brief, feasibility study, and final drawing .

Part two

Report and presentation: Structural analysis and Design, Cost analysis

1. Improve your outline design and ensure the design is compliant with the Building Regulations, and clarify the essential solutions in terms of structure, building services and building sustainability

2. The students have to produce a structural calculation and design for the major structural elements of the building with proper consideration and analysis of various loads based on the architectural design and the building functions.

3. Each group/ individual integrates their work and prepares for a second presentation, which should reflect the integration of the project and individual contributions to the project .

4. Each group/ individual has to submit the final report which includes, drawing cost analysis and structural calculation. Report should not exceed 3000 words including the part one. Final report should include and update the part one too. The report has to follow academic writing format with proper references in Harvard format.

Reference no: EM131419

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