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Strategic Managerial Communications

The objective of the term project is to demonstrate your understanding and ability to apply the body of knowledge covered in this course. The goal will be on identifying communication improvement opportunities for an existing organization and developing a comprehensive managerial communication improvement plan.

Nature of Activities

The focus of this term project is to analyze, develop, write and present an internal change proposal to improve your organization's managerial communications. When working on this project, students become managers. Specifically, each student will:

• Select an organization that is familiar to you ( a small or medium-sized company will be fine, not those big famous companies(Apple, Microsoft etc.)

• Review various organization communication problems( can be several communication problems in this organization- please be specific in details)

• Identify improvement opportunities

• Follow the business analysis process and complete the following tasks:

o Situation analysis (SWOT)

o Strategy and tactics

o Implementation process

• Complete communications improvement proposal document and present it in class (20 minutes). The presentation will be your opportunity to sell your ideas to your organization leadership.

The proposal utilizing graphics and charts where appropriate. The paper should include:

• A title page
• Introduction
• Background and Problem Statement: Describe what you know about the communication issues
• Analysis: This is where you examine all the angles, present evidence, quote sources, and extract insight.
• Your Recommendations: Your aim is to come up with a fresh observation, a recommendation, and a plan. In essence, how you will implement the changes within your organization
• Communications Plan: How you will communicate the proposed change to the organization stakeholders
• Management Factors: Including time schedules, costs, performance standards, required resources, and the ability to deliver (e.g. what challenges are there to implementing this proposal?)
• Conclusion

Reference no: EM131106


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