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Problem 1

Air at 29.5ºC DB flows over a cooling coil and leaves it at a state of 13ºC DB and 8.5 g/kg absolute humidity. A space has a cooling load of 25 kW and it is to be maintained at 25ºC DB and 50% RH. The outside conditions are 44ºC DB and 30.6 ºC WB. Use the Psychrometric chart to determine:

(a) Latent portion of the room cooling load

(b) Ventilation air mass and volume flow rate

(c) Bypass factor for the cooling coil

(d) Dehumidified air quantity

(e) Total refrigeration load on the air conditioning plant

(f) Condensate flow rate

Problem 2

A space has a sensible heating load of 60,000 W. The space is to be maintained at 21oC DB while the outdoor air is at 1oC DB and 20% RH. On coil air at 15oC is heated, humidified at the rate of 8 g/s, and supplied to the space at 31oC DB and 25% RH. Find:

(a) The total amount of air supplied to the space;

(b) The amount of outdoor air supplied to the space;

(c) The relative humidity of the space.

Reference no: EM131104

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