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Staff meetings

Need some help developing a 10 slide power point presentation with speaker notes with the following scenario. The company is a Auto Sales dealership. Prepare a presentation for the next department staff meeting. Specifically, introduce the department to corporate values, describe the company culture, explain its organizational structure, and develop a way to evaluate the skill level of the group being trained. You should also provide information about organizational theories in general, identifying which theory the company and department best reflects.

Here is an itemized list of what to include in your presentation for the staff meeting:

1. an introduction to the department to corporate values
2. a description of the company culture
3. an explanation of the company's organizational structure
4. a description of the methodology that you have created to evaluate the skill level of the group
5. a general explanation of organizational theories
6. an explanation of the organizational theory your company and department best reflects

Reference no: EM1334694

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