Snoopy co sold equipment to peanut co for a 42000 gain on

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Peanut Company acquired 75 percent of Snoopy Company's stock at underlying book value on January 1, 20X8. At that date, the fair value of the noncontrolling interest was equal to 25 percent of the book value of Snoopy Company. Snoopy Company reported shares outstanding of $350,000 and retained earnings of $100,000. During 20X8, Snoopy Company reported net income of $60,000 and paid dividends of $3,000. In 20X9, Snoopy Company reported net income of $90,000 and paid dividends of $15,000. The following transactions occurred between Peanut Company and Snoopy Company in 20X8 and 20X9:

Snoopy Co. sold equipment to Peanut Co. for a $42,000 gain on December 31, 20X8. Snoopy Co. had originally purchased the equipment for $140,000 and it had a carrying value of $28,000 on December 31, 20X8. At the time of the purchase, Peanut Co. estimated that the equipment still had a seven-year remaining useful life.

Peanut sold land costing $90,000 to Snoopy Company on June 28, 20X9, for $110,000.

Give all eliminating entries needed to prepare a consolidation worksheet for 20X9 assuming that Peanut Co. uses the cost method to account for its investment in Snoopy Company.

Reference no: EM13571024


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