Relationship between speed and safety in geometric design

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1.Write the term paper on Relationship Between Speed and Safety in Geometric Design of Highways.

2.A light spring of a constant k=90.0 N/m is attached vertically to atable. A 2.00g balloon is filled with helium (density 0.180 kg/m^3)to a volume of 5.00m^3 and is then connected to the spring, causingit to stretch. Determine the extension distance L when the balloonis in equilibrium.

Reference no: EM13534519


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A concrete mix with a 3-inch slump, w/c ratio of 0.50, and sand with a fineness modulus of 2.4 contains 1700 lb/yd^3 of coarse aggregate. Compute the required weight of coarse aggregate per cubic yard.

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ten kilograms of saturated liquid water at 5 bar is heated in a piston-cylinder assembly at constant pressure until temperature reaches 400 degrees C. A. Show the process on a T versus v diagram.

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What will the freeway's density and level of service be before and after the ban? (Assume that the trucks are removed and all other traffic attributes are unchanged)

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