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Your advice will take the format of a professional business report and will include the following sections.

1. An Executive Summary

2. A brief section providing a case background including company size, competition and target market/country

3. An environmental audit section analysing the macro and micro environments using the appropriate tools (PESTEL, The 5 C's Framework, 5 Forces analysis) Summarize the findings of the audit in a SWOT Box with a brief discussion of the most important macro and micro factors currently affecting the chosen target market.

4. Set 3-5 SMART global marketing objectives for going international.

5. Decide upon and justify upon your global market entry strategy (export, franchise, joint venture, strategic alliance, acquisition, FDI).

Provide a "Plan B" or contingency plan that could be implemented if the original entry method proved to be unsustainable.

6. Global marketing strategies and tactics for this organization. (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning and Product, Price, Place, Promotion strategies).

7. What are the implications of your choice? (Cost, resources, timing, opportunities), and how will the success of this strategy be measured.

Reference no: EM131027

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