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Cake manufacturer Little Diva's wants to increase the shelf life of its easy-to-fix cupcake mixes. Company's records indicate that the average shelf life of the mix is 230 days. A new, improved cupcake mix was developed and a sample of 10 boxes of the cupcake mix had these shelf lives (in days): 231, 233, 232, 233, 228, 231, 234, 229, 235, and 232. If the standard deviation was .67 and at the 0.025 significant level, has the shelf life of the cupcake mix increased?

A. Yes, because computed t is greater than the critical value.

B. Yes, because computed t is less than the critical value.

C. No, because 231.8 is quite close to 230.

D. No, because computed t lies in the region of acceptance.

Reference no: EM13122839

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