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Q1) A study of American Airlines flights illustrated that of the 150 flights sampled, 108 were on time, 30 were late, and rest were early.

a)  If we were to arbitrarily choose the American Airlines flight, determine the probability that it  would be  on time?

b)  Arbitrarily choose American Airlines flight.  Find out the probability that it is either on time or early?

c) Arbitrarily choose 2 independent American Airlines flights.  Determine the probability that both of the flights selected will be on time?

Q2) A random sample of 1000 people was taken.  Each applicant was cross-classified by their religious affiliation and their political affiliation.  Study attempted to find out if members of different religions tended to vote differently from each other. 






Protestant (P)





Catholic (Ca)





Jewish (J)





Other (O)










a) Arbitrarily choose someone from sample. Determine the probability that they are Jewish and Democrat?

b) Arbitrarily choose someone from study.  Given that they are Republican, find out the probability that they are Catholic?

c)  Determine the probability that someone from this study is either Democrat or Protestant?

d) Choose 2 people without replacement. Determine the probability that first is a Catholic And the second is Jewish

Reference no: EM1315462


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